Friday, May 21, 2010

My Dog is not Stupid

My dog is not stupid
or crazy
or retarded.

My dog is anxious.

She barks at people that
she doesn’t see

People who smell different
each time she encounters them
are confusing.

But then,
if she knows you, she will
be sweet.

It doesn’t help to yell,
or hiss,
or call her rude names.

And it hurts my feelings.
Because I am anxious too.
I have been for thirty years.

I’ve learned not to bark.
But I’ve had thirty years to learn.
My dog is not yet two.

I’m sorry my dog barks at you.
But she’s my best friend.
So be nice.

What you say to her
tells me what you
say to me.

Think about it.

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